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    Jonathan @ Kansas City Irish Fest (KCIF) 2014. Photo courtesy Jim Lammers

    Jonathan @ Kansas City Irish Fest (KCIF) 2014. Photo courtesy Jim Lammers

    Today, I’ll be at these fine venues in Kansas City, MO:

    • 10 AM-12 PM @ Charlie Hooper’s in Brookside.
    • 1 PM-3 PM @ The Well in Waldo – 74th and Wornall.
    • 4 PM-6 PM @ Lew’s Grill and Bar – 75th and Wornall.
    • 7 PM-1 AM @ Harling’s Upstairs – 3941-A Main St.

    If you’re in Kansas City, please stop by and check out these fine establishments. Be sure to say hello!.

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    Wellie Races EP Cover Art

    Have a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, in case you can’t make it to one of my Kansas City, MO shows today, use code PADDY15 to save 50% off any single or album at my Bandcamp page.

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    Celtic Music Podcast: Irish Drinking Songs Top 20

    Celtic Music Podcast: Irish Drinking Songs Top 20

    Week before last, Marc Gunn’s Celtic Music Podcast featured my recording of “Night Pat Murphy Died” on the episode Irish Drinking Songs Top 20.

    Check the episode out, wherein you’ll hear 19 other drinking songs for your Saint Patrick’s Day enjoyment.

    If you listen, be sure to let me know what you think, and be sure to leave comments for Marc. He’s a great guy, and is very responsive to his rather sizable audience.


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    Paul Murphy of MurphyOfIreland.com sent this wonderful graphic depicting the history of Irish Music from about 500 B.C.E to the present. School teachers, and music teachers of all stripes ought to find this a great overview to bring up discussion of the history of music with students.


    The timeline includes the pre-Roman Celts of Ireland, the history of the harp and Irish harpists, through Irish dance music, and modern folk revivals.


    Click more for the full graphic…
    Read more …

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    The Good Ship Calabar is a lovely (ahem) tune about a lad nearly cut down in the prime of his life, whilst serving aboard a “massive” canal vessel in the mid- to late-1800s.

  • Here’s the final song from last night’s show at Hartford Coffee in lovely Saint Louis.

  • A Fortnight of Irish Songs

    A Fortnight of Irish Songs

    Beginning Monday, 29th July, my birthday, I will begin recording an Irish song every day for two weeks. To be honest, I’ve let the studio get a bit messy and I need a project to force me to tidy up and begin recording the songs I’ve been working on. More than that, it’s a chance for us to interact, and I’d love your feedback on some songs you’ve never heard me perform.

    So, watch for further anouncements, as well as downloadable MP3s and videos for the songs. As the project progresses, I will include the songs here, and on my Bandcamp page.

    Though I have a list of songs in hand, please submit any requests you have as comments my facebook page, or tweet them.

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    This Saturday, 27th July, catch me at one of my favourite coffee houses, Saint Charles Coffee House in lovely Saint Peters, MO. I’ll bring the songs, new and old, and you call your friends to enjoy the fun and great food and drink. Have a coffee, or try dinner or a nosh.

    The following weekend, on 3rd August, I open for Phavian, LA’s own progressive rock ensemble, as they perform an acoustic set with me a the at gallery and music venue, Blank Space on Cherokee Street in Saint Louis.

    Come out and enjoy the music, and don’t be shy. Come up and say hello at either of, or both, shows.


  • I was thinking of the Chieftains on the bus this morning, and about their 50 years spreading Irish music around the globe, and all their collaborations. It reminded me of this bit from a few months ago on CBS in the states. In the 1990s, they began what became a very successful series of collaborations with musicians known for pop, rock, and various other genres. “Still best known for sounding Irish.”

    By the way, the new album is brilliant as always, and includes an even greater diversity of guests than ever: Bon Iver, Pistol Annies, Carolina Chocolate Drops. This is good stuff for those of us whose modern musical tastes aren’t incredibly mainstream.

    You can get your own copy, or at least check it out at Amazon.com:
    Voice Of Ages at Amazon.com (disclosure: link uses my affiliate ID, btw).

    If you don’t know The Chieftains, you’ve got some catching up to do.

    Anyone else have Voice of Ages? What do you think of it? Leave comments below.

  • Song #6 in the project “Going to Kansas City and Recording a Bunch of Songs 2012″ is Wellie Races: a tribute to the races held annually in Weston, MO (October) and in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny on New Year’s Day. I actually wrote this in 2008, but finally put it down to share.

    FREE download, this week, at ReverbNation.com.

    Let me know what you think. In fact, send pics of your wellies, and I’ll post them up with the song at my Facebook page.



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