Jonathan Ramsey performs melodic and percussive, brash and sweet, sometimes beautiful, often humorous, Irish-tinged songs. Energetic, upbeat, and animated, Jonathan Ramsey is always in motion on-stage, delivering his brand of Irish traditional and original songs and tunes.

Audiences expect Jonathan Ramsey shows to include a wild mixture of original and traditional Irish songs of love, hope, and despair; ironic and folk-tinged covers; songs of plans gone painfully awry; and a bit of sassy social discourse. Some songs are gentle and melodic, others are lightning speed. Jonathan’s guitar, tenor banjo, and stompbox percussion support his Irish tenor voice with plenty of tunes, “solos”, and a strong and oft-danceable beat.

Jonathan began his musical life early, acting, singing, and playing around the house. Thanks to his musical family and a pair of musically-inclined primary teachers, Jonathan learned the skills to use his overly-active imagination for musical good [instead of evil]. Taking up the guitar, he played with several folk, rock, blues, and jazz groups in his teens. A few years later, Jonathan narrowed his focus to solely Irish music. At this time, he began playing with Bully Ruse, a group he co-founded with Shelly Rao and Mary Hanover. He then performed solo at several Midwest regional Irish music venues, and across the U.S.

Not one to weep into a beer, he builds up from warm ballads to rebel songs, then on to pint-banging pub songs. Soon, everyone is grabbing an empty glass and joining the percussion.

Jonathan is currently recording a new project.