Black Donnellys Premieres Tonight

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Someone at NBC noticed my mention of The Black Donnellys, last week, and sent me an email inviting me to look further at their show. So, after only the slightest of enticement, and a bit of procrastination, I went and checked out the Official Black Donnellys site


Before checking the show out, I wasn’t entirely excited. I have an aversion to television shows that would make me empathize with monsters. I can’t watch The Sopranos. I can watch a movie that humanizes them somewhat, but only to draw the audience into the lives of the mobsters/serial killer/what-have-you. In the end, though, they are going to get what they deserve. If it’s a TV show, though, they can drag on about how they love their wives, go to church, kiss their mothers’ cheeks, and make donations to the needy. Unfortunately, I have vivid memories of the atrocities shown on the news when I was growing up in New Jersey, plus mafia-induced events in Kansas City that helped speed the decline of its urban core. These memories make these lovefests difficult for me to stomach.
Watching the trailers for The Black Donnelly’s, though, has resulted in my being sucked in. I am actually looking forward to seeing the pilot, tomorrow. Perhaps the story of four Irish-American brothers trying to get by, though they join the world of organized crime, will have enough fascinating perspective to keep me tuned in without boo-hooing and vomiting.

So, Monday night, I’m going to watch, and see if I can stomach this show. If it lasts, and I cannot get enough of it, maybe I’ll start another blog about it. It will help that it comes on right after Heroes.

So, go to the The Black Donnellys site, and check it out yourself, then tune in Monday, after Heroes.


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