Irish Music Christmas CD… If You Will

I plan to have my Christmas Holiday “CD” available in the next few weeks. I have artwork issues, and the usual mayhem to deal with, but I’m having fun with it. So, I hope you will too.

It’s largely Irish, with originals and some not so Irish (originally) pieces adapted with strings, duct tape, and Gorilla Glue™ to fit onto an Irish guy’s recording. Think of it as the converse of “Irish Rock”. There are those, many of them dear friends of mine, fond of shoehorning fine Irish songs into a Strat and a ten-piece drum kit, mind you with obligatory pipes, tenor banjo, and/or accordion. I, however, am dragging modern faves, kicking and screaming into the hollow-bodied goodness —disease-ridden as it may be– of nineteenth century musical technology.

Now, if you’re truly offended by the non-Irish origins of any tunes I feature (sounds like I’m doing them a favor, eh?), remember that the Celts, as a larger group, once perplexed the vastness that is Europe with their long-time allies the Teutons (not the Grand ones –those are Tetons really- but the ruddier, dirtier, broadly Germanic ones.)

So, how better to celebrate the coldest freaking time of the northern year, than to warm up with a frothy chocolate, barley, or egg drink, and sing along with Jonathan? At least, until the tow truck shows up and you pop the CD out and ride along with your new buddy to the garage for a fuel line thaw.


Ig-Nobel Award for Science Celebrates Teenager Repellent Developers

In my neverending quest to fill your soul with useful tidbits of life on planet Earth, I’m behooved to share this gem from,,1888844,00.html

The Ig-Nobel is becoming as prized as its less quirky cousin.

Among this years winners:

  • The Mosquito: Teenager Repellent Device. Mall managers rejoice.
  • A Study: Psychoacoustics of Chilling Sound, which looks at why fingernails on a chalkboard are so annoying.
  • Ivan Schwab of UC-Davis for his study of why woodpeckers don’t get headaches.



Busy Weekend in Kansas City

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I have Friday and Saturday night shows at O’Malley’s Irish Pub, the coolest Irish pub around. I love performing there, 100 feet below the Earth’s surface. They have great food, great drinks, and the friendliest staff anywhere. It’s always worth the drive –for you– or the train ride –for me!

In addition to O’Malley’s, I will be at the Country Club Plaza Art Fair on, of course, the legendary Country Club Plaza in beautiful Kansas City, MO. Come join me among the fountains, the great shopping and food, and the great artists from around the country!I’m at O’Malley’s both nights from 8PM to Midnight, and Saturday evening at the Plaza Art Fair, from 5PM to 6:30PM.