Live Online Show on 4 January 2016

ConcertWindow Show 4 January 2016
ConcertWindow Show 4 January 2016

Next Monday, I will be doing a live broadcast on Concert Window. Show starts at 8:00pm EST on 4th January. That’s 7:00pm CST for all my friends in Central Time (US). 😉

This is a FREE broadcast, and wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. It will happen at

Hope you can join me!

Unboxing the Kansas City Irish Fest Performer Gift Box 2015

Kansas City Irish Fest was amazing, this year, its 2015: FUNlucky Thirteenth year. I had a blast, saw many of my lovely friends at my stage shows, and got to chit and chat with many of my favourite musician friends and heroes.

One of the best festivals of any, ANY, kind in the cosmos, KCIF is very wonderful to its entertainers and beloved guests. Besides all the other wonderful things they do, they always deliver a lovely gift box to the hotel. This year, I decided to open mine and share with my followers on Periscope.

I use Periscope to broadcast my rehearsals, recording, some of my live shows. If you follow my Twitter feed, and have the Periscope app, you can catch them, when you’re not working or the like.


Kansas City Irish Fest: Here I Come Again

Jonathan @ Kansas City Irish Fest (KCIF) 2014. Photo courtesy Jim Lammers
Jonathan @ Kansas City Irish Fest (KCIF) 2014. Photo courtesy Jim Lammers

Don’t press me. I would have to count and look up how many times I’ve performed at Kansas City Irish Fest, including the KCIF #1, when we trudged through the muck alongside the Missouri River. Good times.

My shows are scheduled for

  • Saturday, 12:00PM-1:00PM – Atrium Stage
  • Sunday, 1:15PM-2:15PM – Atrium Stage

The Atrium Stage is located inside Crown Center, and is shared with CC-goers without entry to the Festival grounds. So, no ticket is required. Bring your friends down, and get them hooked. Then, take them to the ticket booths to enjoy the rest of the grand festivities!

Feel free to take photos, videos, and audio at the show, and share on Facebook, Twitter, what have you. It will be a free-for-all, for certain. 😉


Jonathan Ramsey Live Streaming on ConcertWindow 25th June 2015

Jonathan Ramsey Irish Music live on
Jonathan Ramsey Irish Music live on

Tomorrow evening, Thursday 25th June, 7:00 PM CDT (8:00 EDT, 5:00 PDT, 0000 UTC), join me for a live streaming concert on Toss some requests, or just kick back with your Kool-Aid, Bushmills, Guinness, coffee, or what have you. The show is FREE, yep. So, just snuggle up with your beloved and/or your kids, and enjoy almost an hour of music and laughs. If you hate Irish Music, then, well, be prepared to loath my show.

Cheers and love!


New Video: There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis

This morning, I recorded and video-recorded my session performing the late Kirsty MacColl’s and Philip Rambow’s “There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis”. Kirsty MacColl recorded this song as a Rockabilly, and a Country, song. I’ve reimagined Chip Shop as an upbeat Irish folk song.

Please take a look/listen to the video, and let me know what you think. I’m doing more, so I’d greatly appreciate any and all of your feedback.

I recorded with my Macbook Air with video using the Canon 7D.


  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Percussion: hand on guitar
  • Percussion: foot on concrete floor


  • Microphone: Apogee Mic cardioid USB mic
  • Macbook Air (2013)
  • Recording and Mixing: Apple GarageBand
  • Mastering, Encoding, Exporting: Audacity 3.2

My Very Second Ever ConcertWindow Live Streaming Show

Jonathan Ramsey on 2015-05-25
Jonathan Ramsey on 2015-05-25

This Thursday, 28th May, join me for another live, streaming concert at I’ll take requests, and even honor them, when I can. For tipping, I’ll have some song downloads, Skype (or FaceTime, etc.) guitar lessons, maybe even some videos, or a house concert (for those who go too crazy). These will be things not available freely elsewhere.

Heres a bit of my first concert…

Tell your friends, or have them come over and watch together with you. Pour a little Irish coffee, stout, warm milk, or what have you, and let’s make it a party.


My Very First Ever ConcertWindow Concert

Jonathan Ramsey Concert Window

This Thursday, 21st May, come check out my very first live-streaming show at ConcertWindow.

Please share with anyone you know who might be interested in an hour of Irish Music and (t)wit. There are incentives, and special deals on music downloads and t-shirts.

Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Ramsey live on 21 May 2015.
Jonathan Ramsey live on 21 May 2015.