Seeking Hosts for 2016 Summer Concert Tour

Saint Patrick’s Day is over. Spring 2016, though, is here, and summer is coming up fast!

Jonathan Ramsey @ Potbelly
Jonathan Ramsey @ Potbelly

Right now, I’m looking for hosts for my Summer 2016 Concert Tour.

If you’d like to host a house concert, or would just like more info about hosting one, just send me an email right now at to request a House Concert Host Guide. Since it’s still early –assuming you’re reading this in April- you’ll likely have your choice of dates to select.

If you want to learn more about house concerts and what’s required to host a show, please continue reading. There’s more…

This summer, I’m heading off to rove about North America, performing shows and meeting new and dear friends like you.

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a friendly, intimate show performed at a host’s home or other nearby location, and an incredible chance for us to share a close conversation via music. They are great for fans, friends, and artists to spend close-up time together, and enjoy an evening or afternoon together.

What do you need to be a host? If you send me an email about hosting a show, I will send you my 2016 House Concert Host Guide with all the details.

In a nutshell, the requirements are:

  1. A “house”: This could be a living room, a backyard, garage, condo community room, photo/art/dance studio, big house, small house – any space you have access to where your friends can sit, gather, and enjoy a concert.
  2. A minimum of 30 adult friends to come: The show will be an exclusive private event for you and your community of friends, neighbors, and family.

Everything else is just execution.

You do not need money. All my House Concerts are based on donation only. It doesn’t have to cost you anything to host a house concert! Email me for the House Concert Guide for more details.

I’m looking forward to an amazing Summer 2016 with you, my friends!

Slán go fóill, a Chairde!


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