Seeking Hosts for 2017 Summer/Autumn House Concerts

Jonathan Ramsey - Singer, Guitarist, Instrumentalist
Jonathan Ramsey – Singer, Guitarist, Instrumentalist

[UPDATED] I have this crazy idea. To get this together, however, I’m going to need your help.

What if I jumped in the Datsun, and roamed the U.S. on a House Concert tour, this Summer –during the months of July and August?

Want to host? Well, then…

During May, email me at –or just reply to this email-, and tell me the dates you’re interested in hosting.

I’ll keep the gate open until the first 20th of June. Keep in mind, though, that the sooner you get back to me, the more likely your favorite date will be open. The weekends are likely to go first, and we’ll need to coordinate locations to make it work.

Come join me on this adventure!

Thank you for all your support!

Peace and love,


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