The End Is Coming and I Get to Sing of It with Its Herald, Deranged Millionaire John Hodgman

Come. Sit down. It’s finalized. The master plan to include; as illustrious and, more than that, appropriately bathed, feathered, and coiffed, troubadours; both Mr. John Roderick and myself… as troubadours for John Hodgman. Mr. Hodgman, as some may know him, has just yesterday released into the wild millions of copies of the final book of his trilogy of COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE, That Is All.

Tickets for $25 include a hardback copy of That Is All. Hodgman will be signing, as well as embellishing orally upon the truths within the book during the evening. John Roderick and I will perform songs selected in super-secret meetings with colourful world figures during the evening, as well.

MAD ART GALLERY the former police station in Soulard
2727 South 12th Street, St Louis MO
TICKETS are $25 for ONE PERSON, and $30 for TWO PEOPLE and include ONE COPY of the book THAT IS ALL, courtesy SUBTERRANEAN BOOKS.
TICKETS available HERE.

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