Unboxing the Kansas City Irish Fest Performer Gift Box 2015

Kansas City Irish Fest was amazing, this year, its 2015: FUNlucky Thirteenth year. I had a blast, saw many of my lovely friends at my stage shows, and got to chit and chat with many of my favourite musician friends and heroes.

One of the best festivals of any, ANY, kind in the cosmos, KCIF is very wonderful to its entertainers and beloved guests. Besides all the other wonderful things they do, they always deliver a lovely gift box to the hotel. This year, I decided to open mine and share with my followers on Periscope.

I use Periscope to broadcast my rehearsals, recording, some of my live shows. If you follow my Twitter feed, and have the Periscope app, you can catch them, when you’re not working or the like.


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