Ach! I Broke My Olecranon!

That’s right. On Oíche Samhna, I fell on the pavement and broke the extension on the head of my left elbow. I proceeded, two days on, to hop on a train to Saint Louis, MO. The next day, I took a train to Chicago, then one to Washington, DC, and, finally, to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I performed for two weeks with a broken elbow, but didn’t know it. I had a bit of trouble straightening and bending past a certain point, but it seemed otherwise functional. An audience member in Hollywood, FL looked at it off-stage, and set me up with a sports medicine appointment the next Tuesday. That Wednesday, I was in surgery, having a plate and a screw put into my newly re-assembled olecranon and ulna.

Now, three weeks after my surgery, I’m rehearsing and typing this… and trying to re-book as many shows as I can.

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