SOTW: Maid Gone to Comber/Next Market Day – Live at Nine Irish Brothers Indianapolis

Video of “Maid Gone to Comber”/”Next Market Day”, shot live at Nine Irish Brothers in Indy. It’s a dear Irish traditional ballad.

If your lovely mam has spent the past week pulling hair from the sheep, the goat, the bunny, and maybe the sheepdog, it’s time you run along to sell the resulting yarn at the market for her. Of course, a charming lad along the way might draw you astray, at least from your task.

I shot this with my Samsung HMX-W200 waterproof video camera. It’s a nice little workhorse, if getting a bit long in the tooth. [OK. It’s more of a Shetland pony, but it’s working all right, at the moment.] The audio I captured on my Tascam DR-08, pulled from the aux out of my Bose L1 Compact. Dare I mention that I pieced them together in poor little iMovie, if only because I’ve doubts about how well Adobe Premiere Pro would run on my 2013 MacBook Air. [Hey, Apple? Adobe?]

I’ll have yet more videos coming up, including a bonus second video, this week, so, keep following me here or on FaceBook for that update.

SOTW: “Mrs McGrath” Live at The Celtic Fox – Topeka, KS

“Mrs McGrath” from my performance at The Celtic Fox in downtown Topeka, KS, on the 30th June 2017.

I cleaned up the audio a bit, because it had a bit of clipping. The gain ended up a little hot, so I’m updating my pre-show checklist for live recordings.

This is one of my favourite rowdy songs. I love Mrs McGrath’s picante sassiness in the face of her son’s maiming. There are many songs lamenting or outright berating the belligerents of the Peninsular War, but the forlorn parent cycle –including “Mrs McGrath”, “My Son John”, and “My Son Tim”- delivers a quick shot of both humour or haunting sadness. Most songs I know from the Napoleonic wars have more death in lieu of the maiming found in these songs.

“Mrs McGrath”, though definitely an anti-war song, was a popular marching song among the Irish fighters in the years leading up to the Easter Monday Uprising of 1916.

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Tipping It Up To Nancy [Song of the Week]

Tipping It Up To Nancy tells the classic tale of a woman looking to better her life… by offing her husband. Things never go as you’d planned, though.

PS: Anyone else want to call BS on the chemist’s advice? Set-up?

If you have requests for future recordings, comment below, or email me at with your song requests.


Seeking Hosts for 2017 Summer/Autumn House Concerts

Jonathan Ramsey - Singer, Guitarist, Instrumentalist
Jonathan Ramsey – Singer, Guitarist, Instrumentalist

[UPDATED] I have this crazy idea. To get this together, however, I’m going to need your help.

What if I jumped in the Datsun, and roamed the U.S. on a House Concert tour, this Summer –during the months of July and August?

Want to host? Well, then…

During May, email me at –or just reply to this email-, and tell me the dates you’re interested in hosting.

I’ll keep the gate open until the first 20th of June. Keep in mind, though, that the sooner you get back to me, the more likely your favorite date will be open. The weekends are likely to go first, and we’ll need to coordinate locations to make it work.

Come join me on this adventure!

Thank you for all your support!

Peace and love,


Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 Kansas City

Logo - Jonathan Ramsey Shamrock 2016
Logo – Jonathan Ramsey Shamrock 2016
This Saint Patrick’s Day, I return to lovely Kansas City, MO for three shows. First up, I’ll perform at Children’s Mercy Hospital in the morning.

For the afternoon, I return to The Well in Waldo, where I’ve played for the last several years. The Well, run by the successful Lewellen brothers or Lew’s Grill and Bar fame, sits almost a block north of 75th and Wornall. The crowd is fun, all-ages, and just off watching the parade –or the KU game.

In the evening, I’ll head to Hy-Vee in Overland Park –95th and Antioch. Yes, the grocery store is now also a venue for live music and drink. I’m excited to see some friends there, and check out what they’re doing.

See you in Kansas City, all my dear friends!

Feicfidh mé sibh i Kansas City!

TBA Children’s Mercy Hospital  
12PM-2PM (subject to change) The Well 7421 Broadway, KCMO
6PM-9PM Hy-Vee 8501 W 95th St, Overland Park, KS

Seeking Hosts for 2016 Summer Concert Tour

Jonathan Ramsey @ Potbelly

Saint Patrick’s Day is over. Spring 2016, though, is here, and summer is coming up fast!

Jonathan Ramsey @ Potbelly
Jonathan Ramsey @ Potbelly

Right now, I’m looking for hosts for my Summer 2016 Concert Tour.

If you’d like to host a house concert, or would just like more info about hosting one, just send me an email right now at to request a House Concert Host Guide. Since it’s still early –assuming you’re reading this in April- you’ll likely have your choice of dates to select.

If you want to learn more about house concerts and what’s required to host a show, please continue reading. There’s more…

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